Money Laundering

Money laundering is a global threat.  It is the largest financial crime in the world.  Carefully planned and executed, money laundering masks the proceeds of serious criminal activity including drug trafficking, human trafficking, people smuggling and fraud and corruption.

Malkara Consulting services go beyond compliance based AML/CFT systems to ensure your staff are left with real life tactics to combat and prevent money laundering. The workshops draw from extensive operational experience that delivers a unique training environment built on money laundering techniques and operations.

Malkara’s money laundering workshops recognise the different needs of reporting entities and law enforcement agencies, and a modified version of the money laundering workshop has been designed for law enforcement and prosecution authorities.   The investigative and prosecution capability of police officers and prosecutors is enhanced by discussion and demonstration on how money laundering operates and the evidence that is needed to link a money laundering offence to a predicate crime.

Core subjects of the Money Laundering Workshop include:

  • AML/CFT Strategic Challenges
  • The Threat of Organised Crime
  • Introduction to Money Laundering
  • International Responses to Money Laundering
  • Nominees & Beneficial Owners
  • Money Laundering (Financial Institutions)
  • Near Field Communication (Money Laundering Risks)
  • Informal Money Transfer Systems
  • Mobile Phone Remittance Systems
  • Money Laundering (Non Financial Businesses & Professions)
  • Gold & Money Laundering
  • Introduction to Virtual Currencies
  • Free Trade Zones
  • Trade Based Money Laundering
  • Secrecy Jurisdictions

With supporting group exercises.

Additional Subjects for Law Enforcement Agencies include:

  • Using financial intelligence
  •  Investigating Money Laundering (establishing a connection between the predicate offence and money laundering)
  • Identifying and tracing funds offshore