International standard of methodology

Malkara Consulting’s training workshops are designed to assist countries and
organisations by implementing the international standard of methodology developed during the fourth round of mutual evaluations conducted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in 2012.

Two inter-related components are used to assess compliance with the FATF Recommendations: 

1. A technical compliance assessment

This assessment addresses the specific requirements of the FATF Recommendations, namely the relevant legal and institutional framework of the country and the powers and procedures used by authorities in combating money laundering and terrorist financing. According to the FATF these components represent the fundamental building blocks of an AML/CFT system. 


2. An effectiveness assessment

This assessment examines the adequacy of the implementation of the FATF Recommendations. It seeks to achieve this by assessing how a country achieves a set of 11 specific immediate outcomes. According to the FATF the effectiveness assessment involves an analysis of the extent to which the immediate outcomes are achieved by a country to build an effective AML/CFT system. 

The training workshops delivered by Malkara Consulting address all of the 11 immediate outcomes outlined in the manual “FATF Methodology for assessing technical compliance with the FATF Recommendations and the effectiveness of AML/CFT Systems”.

In addition, these training workshops draw on Chris Douglas’ extensive operational police experience into the investigation of money laundering, terrorist financing, breaches of sanctions regimes, corruption offences and the recovery of proceeds of crime from serious offences using both conviction based and civil based forfeiture.